Setting up businesses for inevitable success. That's my business.



Hey what's up! I'm Karen.

I'm a graphic designer with a knack for seeing the big picture and helping businesses do the same. I grew up in the 'burbs of Portland. I had the time of my life at the best school in Oregon (go Ducks!) where I expanded on my love for art  and discovered design. I've lived in every state in the Pacific NW and the older I get, the more in love I am with our breathtaking corner of the country. (I mean, have you ever smelled the petrichor here?)

I've always loved art in it's many forms and have practiced drawing, painting, photography, dancing (jazz, tap, hip-hop, contemporary... even contact improv.) video editing, installation art and occasionally trying my hand at creative writing. I love experiencing live music and have seen well over 150 live shows.

My personality is becoming more clearly a Type A. While growing up I always thought of myself as the easy going sort, and I still tend to think that way. But I'm growing into the belief that "If you want something done right..." Which has served me and my business well.

I am a fast talker and passionate about the things I get involved with. I firmly believe in the power of positivity and goal setting. I often like to bring these aspects into my branding process with clients as well.

I believe that

Life is too short to:

  1. Be unhappy
  2. Remove USB drives safely
  3. Work 40+ hours a week on something you don't love.

Numbers 1 & 3 are the reasons KM Design is around today. As the founder and creative director of KM Design I set up digital entrepreneurs for inevitable success in their business endeavors and ultimately, in their life. 

Your logo is just the start.

And it really just scratches the surface of the services that KM Design offers. Did you know that brands who are crystal clear about their offerings have a better chance at thriving?

I've helped over 50 (fifty!) businesses go from "meh" to wow.

There's a lot that goes into setting businesses up for inevitable success. The brief synopsis starts with identity branding first, graphic design that represents your specialty second, and then creating an online presence that converts viewers to clients and cash in your pocket. 

Getting clear on your deliverables and creating processes that delight your clients will help you grow through the oldest and most valuable marketing tool of all time-word of mouth marketing. You need to break down your brand in order to break through to your audience.

Here at KM Design, we do things just a little bit differently.

Contract teams are the absolute best in affordable excellence.

We're living in the age of post-geographic business and customization. We use that to your full advantage. So, depending on the project, when you work with KM Design you don't just get one (super rad) designer to work with. I have curated a network or renowned experts who are over-achievers in their fields for things like naming, sales funnels, coding and beyond. With features on Forbes and experience naming Fortune 500 companies, I make sure that the best of the best are at your fingertips. 

Your company has the right to experts that match your needs seamlessly. Working with KMD means you are not stuck with the employees that a big design agency decided to hire on years before they even met you or knew about your project.

Ah, the beauty of innovation and doing business digitally. 

If you're interested in learning more, fill out my contact form and we can talk details.

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