Branding Design and presentation for tea company.

Fun Fact: Tea is the second most largely consumed beverage in the world. Second only to water.

In the South, where Steep Infusions is starting distribution, the majority of tea buyers are women. Based on research, we decided to create the packaging and branding design that appeals to females ages 24-39. Choosing packaging that is sustainable and eco-friendly was important to the owners, so researching the best, most sustainable packaging available and local to them was a big part of this project.

The logo was meant to feel airy, light and welcoming. The leaf with it's hand drawn "scribble" look maintains the unpretentious feeling that Steep Infusions was after. Each tea flavor is carefully selected to emote specific desirable feelings. Pictured below in the lavender color is the Relaxed tea flavor.

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 Logo Design Tea Company
 Color palette Design Tea Company
 Mock up Tea Logo Graphic Design